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My cell phone does not turn on after rooting it

For many rootear the device has many benefits and advantages since it has total access to the system being able to customize to the taste of each one, although many can not say the same since after trying to root their cell phone it does not turn on.

My cell phone does not turn on after root

To leave a little more clear, rooting the cell phone is a process that completely unlock the limits of the operating system, which is often done with applications or patches that completely modify the system, so that the operators and telephone companies cancel the cell phone warranty in case it is rooted.

My phone does not turn on after rooting

Many suggest that before you go root you have to flash the mobile or cell phone, as there may be the possibility that we perform the process wrongly so when performing the flash at any time we can reset the cell phone as it was, if you did not create these in problems.

If you did not create any flashing of your cell phone, you must re-install the entire operating system depending on the model and brand, you will have to look for the original firmware as it is the only way to revive a cell phone that does not turn on after being rooted  depending on your cellular you will need some specific application, be it Odin, Flash Tool, etc.

Cell phone does not turn on after root

It is necessary to root any cell phone, backup or backup our operating system and applications as there is a possibility that the phone stops working properly but there is a way to repair even if it has been bricketed.

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