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How to find a stolen and shutdown cell phone

Every day there are hundreds of people who lose their cell phones either because they left it somewhere or simply because it was stolen, but many give it up without knowing that there are possibilities where we can recover our mobile phone that was stolen and off.

How to track a stolen cell phone that is turned off

Since many of those who lose a cell phone or steal it the first thing they do is turn off this or remove the SIM card, so that it can not be located, much less find easily, the reasons for this can be varied but there are also people that looks for the owners to return them while others only look for the way to erase all the content of these that even come with password or Block Pattern.

How to find a stolen cell phone

If you recently suffered the loss or theft of your cell phone, the first thing you should try to do is connect to a computer and enter the Search site of my Android device, which is a free Google platform that has been incorporated into Android to track or tracking of all Android phones.

For this we must enter Find My Device with the respective data that we have entered in the cell is worth saying the user of Gmail Mail and the password of this, it must be the same account that is linked to the cell phone or Play Store.

How to locate a stolen or lost cell phone that is off

Once you enter the site, a large map will appear where it will give us the exact location of the phone and if it has been turned off it will show you the last location on the map until the cell phone is turned on again.

Remember to block IMEI of your cell phone so that the person who has your cell phone can not use this in any other company.

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