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How to know if my TV is compatible with Netflix

Netfix is ​​one of the most recommended applications and at the same time used to watch movies and series online, so many do not know if their TVs are compatible with this application.

How to know if Netflix works on my TV

First of all, we have to know our television, since many times we confuse the normal TV with one with Smart TV, normally the TVs that work with Netflix have Internet .

How to know if Netflix serves on my TV

In many cases, when we connect to the Internet from a television, we have the possibility of downloading applications that are compatible with this, it does not matter in the way you connect since in some cases it is Wi-Fi compatible, while in other cases it is compatible with Wi-Fi. network wire.

If your TV is of any brand like Samsung, LG, Sony, Haier, or any other brand, it probably comes with an application or store to perform the downloads of apps, so in it we should only have enough space for the installation of this application.

Check if my TV is compatible with Netflix

In case your TV does not have any application to search other apps or download and install these, you can access directly from the browser, which will allow you to access the site where you will have to enter with your username and password to be able to watch the series and movies easily.

These are the main ways to know if a TV is compatible with Netflix, most of all who have Internet access is possible to make this connection with the application of Netflix movies.

If you have any problems to install or watch Netflix on your TV just leave us a comment and we will help you shortly.

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