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How to remove server ban on CS GO or CS 1.6

One of the best Internet games that millions of players per day participate in is the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive which has displaced the Counter Strike 1.6 but this also the following millions of players.

Tricks to eliminate bans from CS 1.6 or CS GO

However, this time we will tell you how to remove a ban from a CS Go server or Counter Strike 1.6 since many times we have been expelled from an unfair server in which we will explain how to evade in a simple steps a CS server ban 1.6 or CS GO.

How to remove the ban on CS GO and CS 1.6

Normally the bans in Counter Strike are applied to the IP address of each player so if we are expelled from a game we can easily return to it without having to wait for the administrator to eliminate the ban since we can evade and jump quickly .

A quick way to eliminate the BAN from a server is to turn the router off and on again, as this helps to change the IP address and having a new IP what it does is that the previous ban is obsolete and we can go back to the server without any problem.

Another way to skip a ban in CS GO or 1.6, is through a command that we must apply in Start> Run -> CMD> ipconfig / release which will make our IP address change immediately for a new one which will allow to enter the CS server immediately without having to restart the ideal router for which we have fixed IP and we can not change it to simple.

This way you can skip any type of ban in Counter Strike it does not matter if it was permanent or temporary in the same way you can eliminate any of these quickly with these tricks we have for you.

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