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WhatsApp does not work with mobile data?

One of the main connections that we make to use WhatsApp is through mobile data, since many of us use this application outside our home and it is the best way to communicate so that we do not have to spend balance on making voice calls or sending text messages.

WhatsApp does not send messages with mobile data

However, many of us do not work WhatsApp with mobile data which should not happen but there is clearly a connection problem that we will help you solve.

My WhatsApp does not work with mobile data

If you are connected by mobile data or the mobile network of your cell phone or mobile but at the time of opening WhatsApp this does not send the messages to the contacts that is to say that it keeps the clock sending the message nor can we see the last hour online the contacts.

For this we can verify if we really have Internet access or it can probably be a WhatsApp server problem which we can easily find out, for this enter with your mobile browser (Chrome) and try to visit a website that you want, if This load can usually be a problem in the application server.

Try to reboot the device since this often generates problems with the applications once you turn on the problem with the connection to WhatsApp and mobile data should be solved in this way.

WhatsApp does not connect with data

But if this problem occurs only with mobile data and not connected to a WiFi, it is most likely a failure of our operator, since there may be the possibility that the port for the connection is closed or if we are using VPN or some application of this type is responsible for not working WhatsApp with mobile data enabled.

If you still can not find the solution, leave us a comment with the cell model you have and the operating company that you have contracted and we can help you.

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