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How to exit Download Mode on Android

Android Download Mode is used quite a lot in many cell phones, since it is used to update the operating system manually, in addition to this it is used to install the Android again and in case of problems to reinstall the ROM or the firmware of the cell phone, in many cases this works with some Flash application like Odin, FlashTool, etc.

But more than one person at some time has happened to turn on the device is in Downloading mode which do not know how to get out of it, as the phone is waiting for some ROM to be installed from the computer with a Downloading message does  not turn off target and the solution is quite simple in a large part of the cell phone models.

How to turn off the phone in Downloading Mode

Although this may vary, since the problem can be caused by different factors, in some cases it has been seen as people have dropped the phone to the water and after this they have been in the Download Mode or also to many that the cell phone they have fallen and a very strong blow has also entered this mode.

If your cell phone has been in Download Mode, it is enough to remove your cell phone battery for a few seconds and after this you will turn on your cellphone normally, which should be solved quickly since it is a mode used for updates, but if the phone has a built-in battery you can not do this, so it is recommended to do a forced reboot of the device, for this you must press the volume buttons below + home button + power button, at the time of restart you should release the of Volume and continue with the other two, you will see that the cell phone started in a normal way which would solve the root problem.

If the problem of Download Mode in Android keeps appearing, leave us a comment with the model of your cell phone and we will help you soon.

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