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Samsung Galaxy does not vibrate

There is a very common problem in the Samsung Galaxy that stop vibrating. There can be multiple causes, in which we will investigate and solve the problem of vibration in Samsung phones. First you have to understand what kind of vibration problem you have, then you can easily correct it. The procedures are found in this same article.

My Samsung does not vibrate

Causes why the Samsung stopped vibrating:

  • Falling and strong hits of the cell phone.
  • He had contact with the water and stopped vibrating.
  • Phone infected by viruses or malwares.
  • Problems in the software or cellular operating system.
  • Hardware problems

Turn on the vibration of a Samsung Galaxy

Make sure that if the vibration is  activated  through the mobile settings, most of the time it is just a problem of settings or configuration of the phone. To check that the vibration is activated, go to Settings> Sounds and vibration> Sound mode. There we must leave it in Vibrate. 

This method can help all the small errors of androids. Please, turn off your phone. After switching off, remove the battery from the phone and wait 5 minutes. and insert the battery again and turn on the phone by pressing the power button. See if vibrator works or not. If not, then go next step to check phone vibrator.

Why my Samsung Galaxy does not work the vibration

One of the other options in case the vibration of our Samsung Galaxy is not working, we must turn OFF, and then remove the battery from our mobile for at least 5 minutes, it is a way to “eliminate” all the errors and bugs that have the phone, many times this solves the problem that the vibration is not present in the phone.

Repair the cellular vibration

If the steps previously performed did not cause any kind of effect, it is better to directly test the phone’s Vibration module:

  1. On the call keypad type:  * # 0 * # , in case nothing happens, try the following:   * # 9998 * 842 # , * # 8999 * 842 # , * # 7353 #.
  2. When we enter the menu we will see many options, we must choose the one that says: Vibration.
  3. The phone will turn on the dark screen and start vibrating for a few seconds.
  4. This means that it is not a problem of the phone if it starts to vibrate, if not that of Software, so the best thing in these cases is to make a backup of all the important files and make a factory reset of the phone .

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