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My cell phone stayed in the Logo after doing Hard Reset

One of the best ways to make the cell phone look like new is by making Hard Reset, formatting or restoring the device, since this process magically eliminates all the existing problems in the cell phone, so it does a deep cleaning in the cell phone, erasing the internal memory completely from the cell phone, something that has happened to many of them and that is that the cell phone works slower than usual and the best option is to perform a Hard reset.

But for some the solution is in the Hard reset while for others it is a problem after another, since many when they perform the Hard reset the mobile then it does not work and it is that it stays stuck in the logo for a long time without starting to Android

solution that stayed in the logo after Hard Reset

It is a common and current problem, that we should not despair because it is very easy to fix, this usually happens when we do not have enough charge in the phone and the process fails, that is why we recommend having over 60% load on the device .

If your cell phone, mobile or tablet has been stuck in the logo after resetting factory data or reset you have been stuck in the Android LOGO without being able to start the system normally for this if you can not pay for the cell you have to remove the battery for a few seconds, and if you do not allow it, you must perform a forced shutdown or restart, which you do with the home + button on until it goes off (approximately 40 seconds).

Once it is off, you must enter the Recovery Mode again , which is done with the Volume Down + Home + On .

My phone stayed in the logo after doing a Hard reset

Then we perform the same procedure as before, we will go to Wipe data / factory reset and ask if we are sure to carry out this procedure, we will give it Yes , and once it is finished we will go to the first option that says Reboot system now.

In this way you will start normally, remember to have your phone with more than 60% charge otherwise it is possible that if you have less it will be stuck again in the logo and not start normally.

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