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Why does my cell phone say invalid SIM?

In a cell phone we can find hundreds of faults or errors, which more than some of us will make our head hurt, so we will help you solve one of the most frequent problems that it is about when inserting the SIM card says that this is invalidates

Solve invalid SIM problem

This problem can be caused by different reasons, one of which is that we insert a SIM card from a company or company different from the original and that is why it says invalid SIM, since the vast majority of cell phones are not released for use of a SIM card from another company, if you do not know which one it belongs to, it is very simple, since you only have to restart the device and when switching on it will show a screen with the original company.

How to solve invalid SIM problem

But this problem can also be caused by other factors such as that our cell phone is blocked or has a current report of theft, which may be the reason why it says that the SIM card is invalid, to check this you can make these steps to check if a cell phone has a report of theft that can be one of the main reasons if you bought a used or second-hand phone.

SIM card invalidates

On the other hand there may be the possibility that the SIM card is damaged for this you can try insert another to check that it works well, or often we also wrong to put the SIM in the slot of the cell phone, for this check well and check which is well installed.

These are the main reasons why you can say that a SIM is invalid in any cell phone, so if you have this problem follow these steps and you can easily solve this failure.

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